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To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Here at InnerYog Studio , we aim to provide people a chance to live a healthier, happy life through the practices of yoga postures, Pranayams (breathing), Relaxation & Meditation Techniques . Through all classes at InnerYog we teach a dynamic, focused, and organic approach to the 8-limbs classical yoga.

We offer daily classes for students of all level with Training Yoga Professionals . We Aim to focus on General Health and also cater to the specific needs for individuals .We have seen many improvements to an individual health and life through regular practices and guidance .

With our motto : Yoga is not exerise is a way of life

InnerYog is located in Mohali , well connecting the localities in and around with easy to locate landmark. It humbly serves as a place that relaxes your body, lulls your mind, and cradles your soul through variety of yoga sessions before fine-tuning your life’s dynamics to stay focused to achieve your goals and excel better as an individual.

Disclaimer : InnerYog is a center dedicated to promotion of positive health through Yoga and related holistic sciences and not any religion